Kask Inkubator

KASK Incubator is an accelerator for growth in Scandinavian incubators. The project aims to take stock of the regional innovation system and the role of incubators. A further objective is to develop offers through the incubators. Training for business coaches has been set up. Start-ups will be offered an accelerator programme to help them achieve their goals.

KASK Incubator will also establish shared collaboration platforms, including platforms between participating businesses and incubators.  

The project includes the following partners from Sweden, Norway and Denmark: Alexandersoninstitutet, Væksthus Midtjylland, AGRO Business Park A / S, Erhvervsrådet Herning & Ikast - Brande, NUPARK, Vitus Bering, Innovation Park, Erhverv Silkeborg, Syddjurs Udviklingspark, Coventure A / S and Forskningsparken A / S, Oslo.

Key objectives are to:

  • Combine coaching with goal-oriented courses, coaching and get-togethers across national borders.
  • Enhance employee skills at research and development parks.
  • Develop a programme for business coaches.
  • Create an accelerator programme for new business

 The KASK project is a melting pot of different philosophies and experiences, creating an interesting mix. Forskningsparken in Oslo, one of the participants, has been around for 25 years, whereas the Alexanderson Institute has only just opened its doors.

With participants from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the aim is to develop effective methods for incubators. Apart from a strong business idea, experience points to three other key success factors: the competence of the incubator, knowledge of entrepreneurship and access to capital and contacts. That is why the participants have divided the workload as follows: Denmark will analyse financing and related issues, Norway is responsible for a basic training concept through an Accelerator programme, while the Alexanderson Institute is developing a programme for Business Coaches.


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