The Alexanderson Institute operates through the CRED network to help established companies and start-ups in creative industries to develop their businesses.  

The aim of MÖTET ( translation of acronym: venues / meeting places that transcend traditional entrepreneurial growth processes ) is to find a way to set up venues. The project also strives to develop ideas to promote exchanges between research, education, business and culture.

Lead partner is the Alexanderson Institute / CRED, joined by partners from Jämtland and the regional association, Östsam. Project duration is 12 months, with funding from a national programme for local and regional growth.

Objectives include, among others:

  • Initiate a process for creating venues where research, education, business and culture can meet.
  • Establish a venue.
  • Increase awareness of the development of creative industries. Facilitate increased research and development within creative industries.
  • Encourage more knowledge-intensive companies within creative industries.

Campus Åre, Norrköping’s Visualization Centre, Linköping University and the Alexanderson Institute in Varberg are all actively involved in project Mötet. Together they will develop new methods to stimulate processes for innovative entrepreneurship.

The project has already given birth to a game – ALLOGAMY – that will be tested at all four project locations. It is a team game, with randomly selected team members complementing each other’s competences. Teams compete to solve a problem – for example, ‘ How do we attract more rookie surfers to Halland? ’ Hopefully, during the game, good relations are established between the players. The players also participate in a speed-dating event – to create new, vigorous clusters or networks of incubators.


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