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Increased economic growth through improved conditions for competence development in the labour market can only be obtained through the creation of new and improved relations between companies and educational institutions. Furthermore, research emphasizes that this development must be driven by an “ engine ” i. e . the educational institutions. This is because the majority of companies cannot be expected to initiate the competence development needed on their own. External intervention is therefore necessary. If the educational institutions are to meet this challenge, organizational development is presupposed at all levels.  

The overall objective of the SkanKomp project is the development of methods to improve cooperation between the demand and supply side of adult education and competence development. The partnership consists of 24 partners in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Lead Partner is Region Midtjylland in Denmark. It is a three-year project partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund – Interreg IVA Öresund-Kattegatt-Skagerack programme.The aims of the project are:

  • Educational institutions are trained in analyzing the needs of the companies and to offer educational services accordingly.
  • The establishment of networks between educational institutions and companies
  • Improvement of demand side competences.

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