Imaile-project enters testing phase of PLEs

This week, teachers and students from Halmstad in Sweden, are participating in a co-design process to shape personal learning environments to meet the users demands and expectations of the future. 

IMAILE is the first Pre-Commercial Procurement project in Europe in the field of Education and Technology Enhanced Learning.  By enabling a dialogue between the demand and supply sides the project allow research and innovation to focus on the actual needs of the end users (our schools, teachers and students), equipping them with Personal Learning Environments (PLE) to make classrooms fit for Education 2030.

During spring 2017 two PLE prototype solutions are being tested by teachers and students from Finland, Spain, Germany and Sweden. This is an opportunity for schools to participate in a co-design process to shape these PLEs to meet the users demands and expectations of the future. This input/feedback from teachers and students in real classroom environment is of great importance in order to develop further innovative and useful solutions to support STEM personalized learning for our students in the future. 

The two PLE prototypes to be evaluated and tested are YipTree developed by Finnish Almerin and Amigo by Spannish Ediciones Don Bosco Salesianos in Barcelona. 

YipTree is the first one of the two prototypes to be tested and this week teachers and students from the elementary schools Valhallaskolan and Söndrumsskolan in Halmstad along with students from the teacher education programmes at Halmstad University have the opportunity to test and evaluate the PLE prototype.

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