Energy vision conference

Datum 16 Maj 2013 00.00 – 17 Maj 2013 00.00 Spara i kalender

Plats Campus Varberg Otto Torells gata 16, 432 44 Varberg, Sverige

Postad av Tomas Rasmussen

Arrangör EMC

Using Interreg IVb funds, the Energy Vision North Sea Region cluster-project starting early 2012, has identified strengths and synergies from existing Interreg projects and is actively disseminating these to speed up the use of renewable energy sources around North Sea. The partners involved in this project cover seven energy intensive regions with considerable experience, and the knowledge required to point the North Sea Region towards the climate and energy goals up to and beyond the 20-20-20 targets. In Varberg, Sweden, Energy Vision North Sea Region will host several interactive charette sessions on 16 and 17 May 2013, where public-, private- and knowledge sector representatives are invited to join in an active discussion about the ongoing North Sea region energy transition and its bottlenecks. Please save these dates in your agenda and join us in Sweden to inform us of your regional needs and perspectives on how to tackle the current bottlenecks and speed up the wider North Sea region energy transition. Join us in Varberg for a perfect opportunity to get to know your North Sea neighbours, mutually explore the challenges posed by delivering the EU decarbonisation objectives and build partnerships to tackle these challenges.

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